How Green is your Yoga Studio

Every Time I go to a Yoga Studio and begin the process of connecting to my mind and body through breath I feel the my body let go of the stresses of the week and years roll over me that it got me thinking how really cleansing is my breath. I mean, do we take notice of where we practice, is the building where the studio is located healthy, are the carpet or wooden floors green and have more microspores of mold hanging and lurking.

Living a healthier life
What  is Green:

Everybody seems to be using the word Green these days to intitcate that companies are really planet friendly which really most of  the time is just an illusion and is more to make us feel good and consume more. Green could be recycling, using less waste products or natural resourses so with that is  mind “How Green is your Studio”



Take carpets for example besides having sweaty Yogis on them all day long all that sweat seeps into the pores  of the carpet that no amount of deep cleaning will get  out that eventually that old sweat in a humid room will create fungi and microspores that if not taken care of become dangerous to breath into our lungs. The only way of taking care of micro spores is with cleaning products that are not healthy for our well being and the environment or to rip up the carpet and throw it into the landfill which is not ideal either.

Wooden floors are a better option of course but a lot more costly especially if a Yoga studio is making an effort to go Green and not use wooden floors but an alternative like Bamboo comes at a price and lets face it most studios will buckle within a year because well Yogis are Yogis and have not been to marketing or business school. If a studio has wooden  floors what varnish was used to seal in the wood? wood varnish’s have ingredients in them that would make the Pope swear and think about it! we have our bear feet on them for ninety minutes or more.


Ah paint! I love paint I even love the smell even though I know it’s not good for me that I never think about the chemicals used to make oil and water borne paints. Eventually those chemicals will release into the environment and more importantly your environment that can cause allergies, headaches, body aches and a lot more. There are now paints that are healthier for you and our planet and may cost a few pennies more but is well worth effort to have the Yoga Studio’s walls painted in a warm glowing color but one that is actually good for you.


Now this is a biggie especially for Hot Yoga Studios because more often than not studio owners are renting or leasing a space and have no control of how healthy their building is, however there are options to provide a healthy clean environment and reduce the studios carbon footprint. Are the heat ducts and filters cleaned on a regular basis so that dust and dirt does not build up and float into the studios air space. The dust that is created from heat can create dust particles so small that they reach the lungs and can create breathing problems and allergies to whatever particles are in the dust. The heat also creates humidity especially if their are humidifiers that over time will create particles of micro spores  on the walls. A clean way to keep micro spores at bay are soap, lemon and water cleaned off the walls on a regular basis, it also smells good.

What Resources:

As the planet struggles with the weight of humanity and the amount of resources we take from the planet the question to ask your studio is how big is their carbon footprint. As the local studio signed up to use wind power over normal power options, are they recycling including Yoga Mats and Blocks. Are studios using Solar Power if not maybe ask if  its an option. Believe it or not once the set up costs are  done studios can sell the power back to the power companies, a sure win win in a Yoga strapped studio.


This is  a first step simple solution that really must of us in our homes could be doing a better job. Besides having a waste basket is their a recycle basket at your studio. Is their an alternative to using plastic bottles. I went to India a few years ago and I was horrified in the Himalayas to see plastic bottles littering the streets. In the part of the Himalayas where I was was only opened to the western world twenty years ago and had no idea about plastic but with the western world slowly expanding into this Himalayan kingdom so have the throw away culture I live in. Plastic is the death of so much wild life and our environment. As recent studies found out with the Nalgene water bottles and the use of plastics it can also cause certain types of cancer. Take your own Stainless Steel water bottle with you instead of buying a plastic water bottle. It helps you and everyone.

I  know you only want to practice Yoga especially after all the stresses of  the day. But the question after this is what is the quality of your breath. We work so hard at cleansing ourselves from the inside in! that we forgot what is harming us on the outside and that we go to Yoga for cleansing  of our wholes selves. So how Green is your Yoga Studio!

But don’t walk into your local studio and demand change,  most studio owners love what they teach and don’t do Yoga to make it big, they  do it so that you can expand. Just see how things can be different.

By Sharon Page All Rights Reserved @2011 

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